Market Driven Skill Training, Integrity, Employment & the Fight against Corruption & Migration: Key to Cameroon’s Growth and Employment Future
September 16, 2020
Alert IGI July 2017 Policy Brief: Towards Greater Emergence of Cameroon’s Informal Sector Labor Market
September 16, 2020
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Over 16,000+Lives Influenced to Live & Work with Integrity: IGI Cameroon’s Impact Report, FY2017

Dear Friends of IGI

Extending the culture of integrity and honesty while educating the people in participating and maintaining public accountability will extend access to prosperity and improve the lives of millions. At a time when poverty persist for too many people, youth population bulging and migration are on the rise, the need for greater transparency, citizen participation and government accountability is urgent.

We strive to reduce barriers to the exercise of good governance and citizen participation in the management of public affairs on many dimensions. In Cameroon IGI supports it’s Country Secretariat, to connect government institutions and communities to knowledge, experience and resources to help ordinary people build a better life.

By means of our collaboration with local communities, civil society and our government counterparts, IGI contributes to influencing those seeking public office to exercise good governance and building capability of citizens to participate and maintain integrity, accountability and good governance in society in Cameroon. Through its diverse activities and programs IGI has also continued its support to anti-corruption units and integrity champions who are making change in their communities.

Please take a moment to learn about the impact of our Cameroon Program and how we continue to work towards safeguarding standards of integrity, honesty, impartiality, humility, responsibility, citizen participation and equity in public life .To view a copy of the 2017 Cameroon Impact Report click here

You may also like to visit specific project sites and support this important life saving work @ and

Paul New

Chair, International Governance Institute, UK

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