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Alert IGI July 2017 Policy Brief: Towards Greater Emergence of Cameroon’s Informal Sector Labor Market

The Growth and Employment Strategy framework put forward by the government of Cameroon through the Ministry of Economy, Planning and Regional Development [MINEPAT] provides a solid focus and road map for Cameroon’s industrial transformation. However an informal sector human capital emergence and skills upgrade strategic framework, which prepares those who will enter the labor market by 2035 [following emergence], is conspicuously lacking to complement the current Strategic Document for the Education Sector of 2013-2020”.

In conjunction with our efforts to support government policy with empirical data and frameworks for policy development; the International Governance Institute is pleased to make available a copy of our July 2017 policy brief, focused elaborately on youth capital in the informal sector which currently employs more than 90% of Cameroon’s labor force according to the National Institute of Statistics.

It is our hope that the recommendations put forward following our study of Cameroon’s Growth and emergence strategic framework by 2035, will help inform the government’s elaboration of a viable program towards CONNECTING YOUTH HUMAN CAPITAL IN THE INFORMAL SECTOR TO CAMEROON’S EMERGENCE AMBITIONS.

Executive Summary of the Policy Brief

Despite the global collapse of commodity prices, the Cameroonian economy has been very resilient. The Growth and Employment Strategy Paper [GESP] which constitutes the reference framework of government’s policy and actions up to 2035, continues to drive investment efforts, attracting increased public financing from the European Union, World Bank, African Development Bank and others.

Overlooked in the GESP implementation processes are youth-informal labor market skills constrain, that may lower their response to employment opportunities in spite of an industrial growth achievable by 2035.
The discussions emerging from findings by the International Governance Institute put forward in this brief, generates crucial insights and results to inform the strengthening and elaboration of an informal sector youth capital strategic-skills enhancement program- achievable through the decentralized framework of municipal-councils in Cameroon.
The Municipal Councils Business Management and Public Service Integrity partnership program [BMF] piloted by Buea Council for informal sector actors in the South West Region, provides viable insights on the relevance, viability and effectiveness of such a program nationally. To read the full briefs download a copy here

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