Helping Africa’s Youth in their Struggle to Demand & Act with Integrity: IGI Host Pan African Conference on Corruption & Development in Cameroon
September 16, 2020
Market Driven Skill Training, Integrity, Employment & the Fight against Corruption & Migration: Key to Cameroon’s Growth and Employment Future
September 16, 2020
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Bringing Values-Based Impact into the Local Marketplace: IGI Chair Meets with Government Minister for Small & Medium Sized Enterprises

Effecting National Transformation:Bringing Values-Based Impact into the Local Marketplace

By cultivating Ethical Business Leaders who will Champion Cameroon’s Economic Growth by 2035: IGI amplifies joint actions with the Minister of Small & Medium Sized Enterprises, Social Economy & Handicraft of Cameroon to equip and prepare a new generation of Cameroonian entrepreneurs who will enter by job market and public service by 2035, with modern labor market skills and compliance training.

Highlight of IGI’s Meeting with the Minister of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises, Social Economy and Handicraft [MINPMEESA] of Cameroon.

The meeting with the Honorable Minister of MINPMEESA-Professor Laurent Serge accompanied by four [4] of his close collaborators and the IGI Delegation headed by its Chair-Paul New  took place in Yaounde at the ministry’s headquarters; about 1:00pm Cameroon time and lasted for more than an hour.

The discussions started with a presentation of the International Governance Institute’s Support Program for Growth and Employment in the Informal and Social Economy Sectors [SPGEI]. The SPGEI was initiated in July 2015 and has continued with over 3 editions [ see SPGEI website for more details] . Over close to 3 years of the program’s implementation in Cameroon, SPGEI has supported more than 500 informal sector actors with advanced Business Management and Public Service Governance skills. The 2017 program in Buea was jointly launched by the representatives of the Minister of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises, Social Economy and Handicraft and the General Manager of FEICOM; with participants from the Center, North West, South West and Littoral Regions of Cameroon.

The discussions and exchanges with the Minister and the IGI Delegation was on the expansion of the SPGEI support program to benefit an additional 20,000 young Cameroonians active in the informal sector in the country.

The details include empowerment of entrepreneurs in the social economy and informal sectors in Cameroon from 2018-2022 plus the allocation of a scholarship package of up to 60percent to Cameroonian youths active in the informal sector, who want to continue formal education in business management via distant learning education in the United Kingdom after the SPGEI program. The Minister thank the Chair of IGI for his interest and support towards economy growth and empowerment of youth in Cameroon and emphasized his collaboration including the need to empower informal sector actors with business training and skills which will facilitate their movement from the Informal to the formal sector of the economy.

The Technical team of MINPMESSA at the meeting headed by its Head of Legal Affairs continued in the discussions with the IGI team in the finalization of a draft memorandum of understanding to be signed by both parties by early 2018 vis a vis IGI’s Support Program for Growth and Employment in the Informal and Social Economy Sectors [SPGEI].


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