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May 18, 2017
Alert IGI July 2017 Policy Brief: Towards Greater Emergence of Cameroon’s Informal Sector Labor Market
July 20, 2017
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Business Management and Public Service Governance Fellowship



Promoting Availability of Skilled Professionals for Emergence

Although Cameroon’s human capital remain an important asset in driving the country’s growth and employment ambitions to emergence by 2035, the poorly matched professional skills and education of a majority of the enterprising population to the realities of the economy continues to constrain their absorption in both the formal and informal sectors of the economy. Making available a pool of highly skilled professions in both the formal and informal sectors of local economies throughout the country has inspired our team to rethink education by initiating the Municipal Council Fellowships on Business Management and Public Service Governance [BMF] An informal professional learning and education flagship program for ordinary citizens active in both the formal and informal sectors of Cameroon’s economy. Given the importance of quality education on long term growth, it becomes important to invest in the quality of our human capital in Cameroon by contributing to high quality professional programs that will improve knowledge and build highly competitively skill necessarily to drive public private sector development and sustain national economic growth. Click here to learn more about the fellowship and how to apply for a scholarship. Published 12/16/2016

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