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September 16, 2020
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September 16, 2020
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18 professional scholarships for training in public service governance & local government administration

IGI offers more than 2 million worth of scholarship assistance to [18] civic actors in the public sector and students of the University of Buea Master’s program on Peace, Conflict and Security, to undertake a professional training program on “Public Service Governance and Local Government Administration”. According to a statement from the Country Representative, “IGI believes the Cameroonian society and youths have the potential to maintain peace, consolidate unity and thrive in effective governance and local government management; thus IGI is proud to be in a position to lend its support and expertise for the advancement of the country’s rich human capital”

Cameroon aspires to become an emerging economy by 2035. To achieve and consolidate these aspirations, the Cameroonian government has embarked on a number of reforms aimed at aligning its policies with a trajectory of local development efforts. IGI works locally to improve and connect the country’s rich human capital to its national vision for growth, decentralization and good governance. By creating platforms for capacity building and learning, IGI is contributing towards overcoming short-comings in the capacity of civil society and private sector to engage and interact meaningfully with local government in the management of public affairs.

The Public Service Governance & Local Government Administration Training and Scholarship Support Program: The Rationale

In line with the need to complement governments efforts in addressing the challenges of skills mismatch and unproductive employment in both the private and public sectors operating locally in Cameroon, IGI has launched “the Public Service and Local Government Administration Scholarship Program as a compendium to its Business Management and Public Service Governance Fellowships. The main thrust of the program is to build and prepare capacity for inclusive governance and decentralization.

As the government continues to speed up reforms to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of public services and administration locally, through its decentralization reforms, IGI supports the development of local capacity to address public governance challenges locally by mobilizing resources and expertise to develop the capabilities of its promising youth population. Thus helping to prepare those who will fill the leadership gap and constitute its active force by 2035.

Recipients Assessment of TSA Program Impact

“Having completed the professional training on governance, politics and government, we gained knowledge about the pillars of support to government and power. It gave us a new insight to see government institutions as empty boxes that are constantly being filled and controlled by the ideologies of leading political parties or governing actors”.

“As regards public administration and new public management, we understood that for public administration to be effective, government and public servants need to focus on achieving results rather than primarily conforming to procedures. We therefore benefitted from training on the principles and practice of new public management”.

To read more about the TSA program and how to apply download the full report IGI Governance and Decentralisation Support Program Report 2018

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