FITCAM’s Public Service Corruption Peception Report
May 16, 2017
Follow the Money: How FITCAM manages to Access Data & Expose Corruption
May 18, 2017
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Commonwealth Scholarship Commission Applauds FITCAM’s Efforts

"Tackling corruption is a huge challenge, especially in contexts where citizen mobilisation against fraud, capacity building for constructive engagement, and access to information remain significantly low. The fight against corruption cannot be limited just to raising awareness in the global north of its prevalence and of the poverty-violence nexus. Cutting back on fraud and corruption requires a new form of approach against corrupt public officials and systems". To this effect, the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission scores FITCAM’s efforts against corruption as innovative and features the work of FITCAM on their Bi-annual Common Knowledge Magazine. Read the full article on page 15 "Winning against Corruption in Developing Countries" here or download a copy here

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