Tropical Forest in Cameroon: The Crippling Cost of Corruption
May 12, 2020
Making Front Line Officials of the Public Service in Cameroon Anti-Corruption Activists
May 14, 2020
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Corruption in Natural Resource Governance: The Rising Risk in Mitigating Climate Change in Cameroon

The villagers of Betock are alarmed that the children of our country are now being born and bred in an atmosphere of corruption, which perverts their consciences at a young age by making them believe that success is achieved, not by studies and honest work, but rather by trickery, theft and selling of our farm lands.
Those who refuse to indulge in corruption, and who live honest lives, are today considered as naive, that tricksters are being applauded as great, courageous and intelligent.
"Corruption has reached a suicidal level, it is now being accepted as a normal way of exchange for land, to the extent that they don't feel guilty in practicing it, Herakles Farms breeds an unjust society, which can no longer guarantee equal rights, it creates a climate of suspicion and distrust among people, condemning them to live in fear and insecurity".
Documents showed that SGSOC (Herakles Farms) apparently knew it were operating in the South West Region of Cameroon without all required permits and authorisations, and that bribery may have been used in the attempt to gain consent for the project. Click here
We must all insist on our land rights & also stop deforestation of our forest. This web links may assist others to comprehend the immense threats to our forests mixed with corruption and greed.
"They want to take our bush": An independent assessment of processes employed by Herakles/SGSOC to obtain the Free, Prior and Informed Consent of communities to be affected by their palm oil development in South West Cameroon. This report summarises the findings from an independent assessment by Forest Peoples Programme (FPP) of the processes employed by Herakles/SGSOC to obtain the Free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC) of communities to be affected by their palm oil development project in Mundemba and Nguti Subdivisions in South West Cameroon. This assessment is framed in terms of the obligations on the company and government of Cameroon to comply with international law with respect to protecting community rights, and especially the need to secure the FPIC of local and indigenous peoples over the development of their customary lands. Get a copy
Illegal and corrupt behaviour by foreign-owned companies engaged in establishing large palm oil plantations not only threatens local communities and forested areas throughout west and central Africa, but will seriously undermine legislation being set up between African countries and the European Union to prevent just that says Greenpeace International.
In a new report published today, Greenpeace reveals how one company in Cameroon, has colluded with government officials to illegally obtain a permit to export timber that itself was illegally felled in order to establish a palm oil plantation in the South West region of the country. . Read more
Herakles Farms has also failed to mention that thousands of small-scale farmers would have their lands taken, without any mention of a compensation plan. Only broad statements have been made by Herakles Farms that express that displaced farmers will have opportunities for employment without any details regarding how this conclusion was reached or what villagers would be employed to do. There is also little mention involving the amount of chemicals being used as pesticides and fertilizers, which can potentially contaminate the water sources that can endanger the fish populations as well as potable water.
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