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September 16, 2020
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September 17, 2020
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Enabling Citizens to Monitor Corrupt Practices of Taxation Officers

A vital first step to community mobilization against fraud and corruption is to disclose relevant laws and instruments by making them public for use and accessibility by ordinary citizens for monitoring illegality in the application of procedure. As the case is with the tax code not every Cameroonian doing business has an easy access into the tax code to understand the generalities as well as the scope of application of the tax code/law in Cameroon. With the help of modern day information communication and technology FITCAM is working not only to simplify accessibility of the tax code to ordinary entrepreneurs and business owners but more importantly to make the taxing system, its procedures more transparency by releasing a full ENGLISH version of the Tax Code including the General Provisions as well as tax types and duties.
As a starter there are two major types of taxes in Cameroon- the Direct tax which besides the personal income tax includes the company tax for enterprises, and the Indirect tax which comprises tax on capital, value added tax and those related to councils. Payment of Company tax is proportional to profits made while tax on capital follows a similar scheme. Hence registration dues for a business ranging from between 0 and F CFA 750 million, yields 2% for taxes. Value added tax [VAT] is 19.5%.
Considering that legal security is not an automatic process, FITCAM is putting at the disposal of ordinary citizens a free downloadable online copy of the most recent (2015) Tax Code/Law to the end that legal security, transparency and accountability prevail as citizens understand the tax procedure and know what they are expected to pay as taxes; thus mitigating corrupt practices that prevail in the tax sector as a result of ignorance and lack of access to information on taxes and duties. Download a free copy of the Tax Code/Law Cameroon Tax Code/Law

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