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May 4, 2017
FITCAM Scales Up Citizens’ Actions against Corruption using Mobile SMS technology
May 6, 2017
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FITCAM launches Basic Education Technology Platform to curb corruption in Primay Schools

Indigo Supports the Creation of a Basic Education Technological Platform to provide Real time information on the implementation and monitoring of projects in the Basic Education Sector in Cameroon
Every society takes its roots from the basic level of education. When there is no open platform by which beneficiaries of government spending in the basic education sector can improve their reach and impact in monitoring government investment in education, supplies and other infrastructure service delivery go missing; educational budgets intended to improve the working and learning conditions of teachers and pupils are pocketed. Parents end up paying large sums of money through the Parent Teacher Association Fund to complement deficiencies in education projects that was already paid for by government through the annual public investment budget program.
To ensure the correct use of education budgets, information available to government agencies, regional and divisional departments of education on school projects and budgets, materials for delivery and their specifications should be provided to owners as well as end users and beneficiaries of school projects. The need for proper infrastructure and quality educational services at the basic level of education in Cameron cannot be undermined; on the contrary the importance of providing adequate schooling will only increase as the number of school age children is currently doubling every two to three decades.
With the lack of public access to information on government investment and school spending constituting the main public limitation and propellant of corrupt activities in government service delivery in the basic education sector in Cameroon, FITCAM is using alternative information communication technology tools ( which are teacher, parent and pupil friendly), to by-pass the hierarchical obstacles that have prevented ordinary head teachers, parents and school management boards to know what government is spending in their school per time on various issues and to equip them to monitor, follow up, track and report inefficiency and corrupt practices observed along the chain of service delivery and procurement of educational materials for 4 pilot schools; notably in Limbe, Muyuka and Tiko community areas where fraud, corruption and inefficiency in the delivery of service has been rife.
The basic educator sector for the South West Region alone received for the 2014 investment budget year, an annual investment of seven hundred and nineteen million three hundred francs cfa (719,300FCFA) for infrastructure and didactic material provision alone. To amplify the voice of ordinary citizens and empower them to confront corruption on a much larger scale in the basic education sector, Indigo Trust is supporting the efforts of FITCAM to put in place a technological basic education stakeholders� action platform that will increase their access to information on government spending for each school and amplify their impact in monitoring the performance of government and public contractors responsible for service delivery in the sector.
FITCAM extends its gratitude to Indigo Trust for its support and collaboration towards building inclusive, transparent and accountable public sector in Cameroon. Indigo Trust

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