New records on irregularities, financial values for public contracts for bidding in the South West Region for the year financial year 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013
May 2, 2017
Report on Cameroon’s Implementation of the United Nations Convention against Corruption
May 4, 2017
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FITCAM’s Citizens Access to Budget and Community Project Program Publishes New Data on all Public Investment Projects in the South-West Region

Support to access information in Cameroon remains significantly inadequate. The right to information on issues around development projects, budget expenditures and allocation are considered privileged information and as such much of this information remains inaccessible by ordinary citizens. The difficulty to seek and obtain information of interest hinders communities from expressing their preferences and concerns regarding how its affairs are run. Moreover inaccessibility to information in Cameroon continues to incapacitate the poor from securing and guaranteeing their right in society.
The Focal Integrity Team for Cameroon (FITCAM) believes the right to know constitutes a fundamental human right; and can be inherently empowering for the poor. It is a good practice that government should make information of public interest available to ordinary people. But due to the fact that no access to information act exist, most public authorities do not feel obliged to release budget expenditures, development project information as well as legislation guiding the conduct of public officials into the public domain.
We take upon ourselves the responsibility to make annually available to the public, information on public investment covering a whole range of sectors, including education, infrastructure and housing, health as well as expenditures on the purchase of materials, construction of bridges and repairs and acquisition of equipment that will enhance performance and service delivery within beneficiary government departments working to improve livelihood in communities in the South West Region.
Our experience indicates that empowering people create change and one of the best ways of involving people to change the rules of the game is to create an enabling environment where they access information of interest and are capable of monitoring service delivery and government spending. To view information on What Government is Spending in your Community Area please click here.....

What we Stand For

The work of the Focal Integrity Team for Cameroon is driven by the efforts of active citizens across the country committed mainly to fighting fraud, corruption and abuse of power. FITCAM works to build a vibrant and tolerant society where governments are accountable and open to participation of all people. We seek to strengthen the rule of law, mobilize the views and opinions of ordinary citizens to shape public policies that assure greater fairness in political, legal and economic systems; a society that keeps government power in check.

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