Commonwealth Scholarship Commission Applauds FITCAM’s Efforts
May 17, 2017
Business Management and Public Service Governance Fellowship
May 29, 2017
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Follow the Money: How FITCAM manages to Access Data & Expose Corruption

The Open Government Partnership and other similar initiatives have resulted in government data including budgets, contracts and procurement processes being made publicly available in some countries. Elsewhere, civic groups are working hard to access such information, which is crucial if they are to hold government and other authorities to account. But releasing data in itself isn’t enough. Community groups and civil society organizations such as FITCAM must be supported to use this information to demand accountability and secure sustainable development in rural Cameroon. Below is a case study by Indigo Trust and One Campaign on how FITCAM managed to access data that exposed corruption and brought children in rural Cameroon, the classrooms they deserved. Click here:

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