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Informal Sector Youth Capital Integrity Performance and Growth Study: IGI June 2016 Growth and Employment Review in the Informal Sector



Cameroon holds the seventh largest economy in sub-Saharan Africa and is rich in natural resources and minerals. Despite numerous conflicts, past and present, yet it is regarded as an anchor of stability in a crisis-torn region.

However, Cameroonian society faces major challenges. Widespread corruption and the resulting unfavorable conditions for investment mean that much of Cameroon’s development potential remains unexploited. As from 2007, the Government of Cameroon set out its ambitions in its Vision 2035, which aspires to make Cameroon an emerging economy by 2035. This therefore formed the basis for a Growth and Employment Strategy Paper (GESP), which replaced the country’s Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper.

The Government currently attaches great importance to infrastructural and economic development. However, ‘upstream’ sectors such as legal certainty and good governance are equally elaborated though not in detail in the GESP. The shortfall of structural capacity to follow through existing reforms aimed at promoting greater transparency and accountability, and the poor prioritization of good governance actions on state agenda, continues to delay the materialization of Cameroon’s economic emergence.

Organizations such as IGI help to push the boundaries of government’s political will and commitment further with respect to application of good governance reforms and building of accountable institutions. To learn more about our recent field study on "opportunities to professionalism Informal Sector Youth Capital in Cameroon

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