Bringing Values-Based Impact into the Local Marketplace: IGI Chair Meets with Government Minister for Small & Medium Sized Enterprises
September 16, 2020
Over 16,000+Lives Influenced to Live & Work with Integrity: IGI Cameroon’s Impact Report, FY2017
September 16, 2020
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Market Driven Skill Training, Integrity, Employment & the Fight against Corruption & Migration: Key to Cameroon’s Growth and Employment Future

Tackling Common Challenges Together

IGI takes a new leap to expand its commitment to help young Cameroonians active in the informal sector to live and work with integrity. IGI Chair,Paul New meets with Minister of Employment & Vocational Training of Cameroon.

As a follow up to the letter from the Prime Minister and Head of Government of Cameroon to the Resident Representative of International Governance Institute to Cameroon, wherein the Cameroonian Head of Government congratulated IGI Cameroon for its work in supporting the Government’s policy of emergence through the empowerment of young people, an international delegation of IGI met with a delegation of the Ministry of Employment and Vocational Training headed by its Chief executive- Zacharie Perevet.

The meeting was equally a follow up to IGI’s 2017 July Policy Brief tagged Towards Greater Emergence of Cameroon’s Informal Sector Human Capital”.

In view of this, the Resident Country Representative and UK Chair of IGI met with the honorable Minister of Employment and Vocational Training to discuss IGI’s program of support and intention to work closely with the Ministry of Employment and Vocational Training to respond to the significant challenge of preparing Cameroon’s young people for jobs in the modern economy, promotion of integrity, fight against corruption and migration.

Although a large number of Cameroonian youths are literate and tend to be vastly better educated than their parents’ generation, they find it difficult to operate efficiently in economies and societies where corruption is entrenched. Therefore, organizations like IGI want to play a leading role to provide “intermediary services” where the public sector falls short, and stimulate the adoption of transparent policies and practices to better enhance young people’s growth and employment opportunities by 2035.

The Minister expressed his delight and commitment to working with International Governance Institute in the elaboration of a program, that will mobilize young people’s potential for rapid economic take-off with respect to the Head of States’ 2035 emergence policy for Cameroon.

The Minister instructed his collaborators to continue work with the IGI Country Office to finalize a Convention Project that will be reviewed and presented to the Head of State for signature as soon as possible, permitting a  more tie between the International Governance Institute and the Ministry of Employment and Vocational Training.

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