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May 3, 2017
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May 5, 2017
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Report on Cameroon’s Implementation of the United Nations Convention against Corruption

Civil Society Appraisal Report on Cameroon's Implementation of the United Nations Convention against Corruption conducted by FITCAM is now available. The UNCAC report on Cameroon following a Civil Society Appraisal conducted by FITCAM is intended as a contribution towards enhancing the role of civil society in the review process of Cameroon government's implementation of UNCAC articles under chapter II, III and V. These chapters received particular attention especially in matters relating to preventive anti-corruption practice and policies, preventive anti-corruption bodies; public procurement and management of public finance, bribery and embezzlement as well as prevention and detection of transfer of proceeds of crime.
Section one of the report examines the Criminal Law System in Cameroon and its operation at sub-national levels in relation to law enforcement pursuant to UNCAC Chapter V (Prevention and detection of proceeds of crime). Section two reviews findings on preventive anti-corruption bodies - their effectiveness in monitoring public procurement and management of public finance, prevention and detection of transfer and proceeds of crime. While section three covers recent developments and elaborates on recommended priority actions.
The preparation of this report began in June when FITCAM began collecting information and regulations through field activities. The lack of availability of information that could facilitate a desktop review of the country's process and progress in the implementation and enforcement of UNCAC necessitated field deployment of teams to gather and analyse data relating to Cameroon's prevention and enforcement systems; its adoption and effectiveness in putting into effect UNCAC articles under Chapter II, III and V, including the submission of recommendations for priority actions.
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