IGI Municipal Councils Business Management and Public Service Governance Fellowships [BMF]

We offer ground-breaking thinking and a novel approach in helping developing countries address some of the most intricate challenges and gaps in business management and public governance; known as Municipal Councils Fellowship on Business Management and Public Service Integrity [BMF]. With the goal to support expansion of economic opportunities and integration of new entrants [such as young people] into the job market, IGI reaches out to informal and formal sector actors with a special focus on entrepreneurial skill development for those seeking to establishment their own business, keep paid employment or integrate themselves into society. BMF constitutes a major tool in connecting human capital to the national development goals and growth policies of the state.


BMF program has been piloted in the South Western region of Cameroon and brings together representatives of small business and local government communities for short professional training courses in business management, public service integrity and ethical corporate practice. It is intended to help local authorities translate national development policies into value-creation for ordinary citizens, by promoting better growth prospects, and increased transparency, thereby reducing the likelihood of corrupt practices for ordinary citizens. Likewise, BMF equips ordinary citizens who are faced with corrupt practices on a daily basis with learning and training to deal with the situation when they occur.
The BMF program training methods incorporate action-based learning and policy awareness dialogue. It also addresses legal and regulatory challenges, provides business management coaching, and best practices for benchmarking, simulations and case analysis.

Lecturers and facilitators are leading business management, anti-corruption and good governance experts and practitioners from African/European universities and organizations. At completion of each formation participants receive a certificate issued by IGI-FITCAM and the local authority. Fellows who wish to take on further studies on business management and governance are also offered a 70% scholarship by IGI to enroll for distance learning at London School of Marketing, Anglia Ruskin University via Enterprise Institute.


BMF continues to have a huge impact in Cameroon not solely in ensuring availability of skilled professionals for the country’s emergence, but more also in connecting local human capital to Cameroon’s development agenda. Since 2016 the program has had a recorded impact of training nearly 450 informal and formal public service providers and entrepreneurs. Our aim is to reach 5000 new fellows across 10 municipalities within 3 years from startup, offering more than 2000 discounted distance learning scholarships to boost informal sector productivity and learning across local municipalities in Cameroon. Click to visit the main IGI BMF program website or download a copy of the maiden program report here